a dog with parvo

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Signs of parvo in dogs can include:DiarrheaVomitingDecreased energyLack of appetite (or even anorexia)FeverAbdominal pain

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  • What is Parvo in dogs and puppies?

  • What Is Parvo in Dogs and Puppies? Parvo is an infectious DNA virus that commonly causes severe illness in young and unvaccinated dogs. It primarily affects the rapidly dividing cells of the body, meaning that the intestinal tract and bone marrow are the worst affected.

  • Is it safe to have a puppy with Parvovirus?

  • If a dog has had parvovirus in a home, it is best not to have a puppy in that home for several years. Due to the density of dogs, breeding kennels and dog shelters that hold a large number of unvaccinated puppies are particularly hazardous places.

  • Canine parvovirus (CPV)?

  • Canine parvovirus (CPV or commonly referred to as 鈥減arvo鈥? is one of the most serious viruses that dogs can get. Thankfully, it is very preventable with proper vaccination. This virus was discovered in 1967 and has rapidly become a serious threat to canine health.

  • What should I do if my puppy has Parvo?

  • Make sure all dogs in your household are vaccinated, and be very careful when socializing your puppy. Dog parks and other places where dogs congregate are potential sources of parvo, so plan on socializing your puppy in a less public environment. Socialization and training are very important for puppies.