are cats smarter than dogs

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  • Which animal is smarter 鈥?dogs or cats?

  • The age-old question among self-described dog people and cat people is, Which animal is smarter? People who prefer dogs are inclined to say that dogs are smarter than cats, while cat people will, of course, claim the opposite to be true. The truth of the matter is, scientific research continues to explore the intelligence of both animals.

  • Are cats more intelligent than dogs?

  • Cat people point to feline independence and self-reliance as the most compelling sign that they are more intelligent than dogs. Unlike dogs, cats can hunt for themselves without being bred for it or being trained to. What鈥檚 more, you do not need to potty-train a cat as you have to with a dog.

  • Why can’t cats be as smart as dogs?

  • This is because cats have different social lives and most likely domesticated themselves. Cats are not selectively bred for desired traits like dogs, and they tend to be more independent. As a result, getting cats to participate in the same experiments that have shown off dogs’ smarts can be difficult, explains Dr. Valuska.

  • Is it easier to train a cat or a dog?

  • Since dogs are generally easier to train, the assumption is that the dog is smarter than the cat. However, it’s possible to train cats 鈥攜ou just have to approach it a different way. Both species will develop bonds with their humans through regular interaction and behave in ways that may not be as easy to test in a laboratory environment.