are dogs allowed in home depot

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  • Are Dogs Allowed in Home Depot in Canada?

  • When it comes to Canadian Home Depot stores, they are quite strict when it comes to enforcing this policy. Unless a dog is certified as a service dog and the owner has valid papers to support this fact, the pet will not be allowed inside any of the Canadian Home Depot stores with the owner.

  • Is Home Depot dog-friendly?

  • It is good to know that most of the Home Depot stores are dog friendly. You will find wide aisles in most of their stores that makes it very simple and convenient for you to bring your dog with you on a leash. Home Depot carts are also pretty large that enables you to place your small breed dogs inside while you shop.

  • Are Dogs Allowed in hardware stores?

  • The hardware store is often listed as being a canine-friendly location, and although there are some reports of dogs being turned away, others have been told that it is company policy to allow well-behaved dogs on leashes into their store. Ultimately, though, it is down to the individual store鈥檚 manager.

  • Does Home Depot have service dogs for employees?

  • There are employees that work for Home Depot that have service dogs helping them with their jobs. Some employees have vision problems and service dogs are permanently in the store to assist them as they carry out their daily job duties.