are peaches good for dogs

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Peaches are agreat source of vitamin A and fiber. In small,cut-up pieces the flesh of a peach is safe for your dog. But,like any food that鈥檚 not a regular part of his diet,peaches can cause some stomach upset,most commonly temporary diarrhea.

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  • Can dogs eat peaches?

  • Fresh, juicy peaches are one of the great joys of summer. If you鈥檙e wondering whether you can share this delicious treat with your dog, the answer is a qualified yes, along with some caveats. Dogs, after all, are carnivores and don鈥檛 really need fruit as part of their diet.

  • Can I give my dog Peach yogurt?

  • If you want to give your dog peach yogurt, the best option is to prepare it yourself by combining plain yogurt and organic peaches. Be sure to give your pet a little bit of yogurt first to see if their body can digest it. If they look uneasy, it鈥檚 better to not feed them any type of yogurt again.

  • What happens if a dog eats a windfall Peach?

  • After a few days, windfall peaches will start to rot and become moldy, which presents another significant risk to dogs. Food mold is formed from mycotoxins which, if eaten by your dog, can make him very sick. Signs that your dog may have eaten mold include vomiting, un-coordination, muscle tremors, full-body tremors, and seizures.

  • What fruits are good for dogs to eat?

  • Dried fruits GOOD Fruit For Dogs BAD Fruit For Dogs Peaches Acidic citruses Pears Mangoes Pineapples 13 more rows …