can dogs eat coconuts

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  • Can dogs eat coconut oil 鈥?is it safe?

  • Yes, dogs can eat coconut oil. In fact, coconut oil is present in small amounts in tasty dog treats and commercial dog foods. However, as mentioned above, a dog reacts negatively to too much coconut oil. In particular, feeding your dog coconut oil more than his body needs can cause weight gain and an upset stomach.

  • What happens if a dog eats too much coconut?

  • Coconut flesh is not toxic to dogs, but it can cause problems if you feed too much. Coconut is relatively high in calories, so it can lead to unwanted weight gain. It鈥檚 also got a high fat content which can lead to stomach upsets and also increase the risk of pancreatitis, a serious condition.

  • How much coconut should I Feed my Dog?

  • And as part of the coconut feeding guidelines, you should stick to a maximum dose of around one tablespoon per 30 pounds of body weight. Keep an eye on your dog鈥檚 reactions, and watch out for worrisome symptoms like stomach ache, and other signs of gastrointestinal disturbance.

  • Can dogs drink coconut water?

  • While the natural, 100% pure coconut water is safe for dogs, you should always check if your store-bought stuff has any stuff added to it before you go offering it to your furball. Sugar, as well as some preservatives and additives, can be particularly harmful to pets.