can dogs eat corn

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Corn is one of the most popular cereal grains in the world and may contain a good amount of several vitamins and minerals, depending on the type of corn. In fact, you鈥檒l find corn in a variety of dog foods; manufacturers favor this grain because it is relatively inexpensive. Many veterinary nutritionists agree that corn for dogs is not …

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  • Can dogs eat corn on the cob?

  • While some of the foods you鈥檙e grilling and serving might be unsafe to share with your dog, luckily for him, corn (off the cob) is not one of them. Is It Safe for My Dog to Eat Corn? It is perfectly safe for you to feed your dog corn off the cob in small amounts. Just make sure that you do so in moderation.

  • Can dogs eat corn flour safely?

  • Cornflour is used as a thickener in some dog foods, so you can safely add it to your dog鈥檚 meals. Cornflour doesn鈥檛 add much in nutritional value but can be useful if your pet eats only gluten-free meals or if you want to prepare your own treats. Pups can safely indulge in corn once in a while.

  • Is it OK for dogs to eat popcorn kernels?

  • Corn kernels are small, which means there鈥檚 no risk of choking and your dog can safely consume them. Be sure that the kernels are served plain, without any butter, salt, mayonnaise, or other fatty flavor enhancers. A bit of fat is fine, but too much fat and salt can lead to stomach issues and obesity. Can dogs eat popcorn?

  • Can dogs be allergic to corn?

  • According to the Clinical Nutrition Team at Tufts University, 鈥淲hile food allergies in pets are uncommon, allergies to grains are even rarer.鈥?Less than one percent of dogs may have sensitivity to corn. Of course, if your dog is part of that one percent, you should opt for a corn-free diet.