can dogs eat french fries

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No,dogs cannot eat French fries. Although French fries are not directly toxic to dogs,they are considered an unhealthy food on many levels. French fries contain ingredients that are harmful in the long run and are prepared in a hazardous way.

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  • Why are french fries bad for dogs?

  • One of the main reasons why french fries are so unhealthy for dogs is that they are deep fried in oil. Potatoes, by themselves, are not high in trans fats but the oil that they are cooked in may contain trace or even high levels.

  • What should I do if my dog ate French fries?

  • If your dog ate french fries and is reacting adversely, contact your local veterinarian immediately. Spoiling our dogs is one of the joys of being a pet parent. When they give you the stare, it鈥檚 all too tempting to offer them whatever food we are eating, including French fries.

  • Is human food safe for dogs to eat?

  • One of the easiest methods of caring for your dog 鈥檚 health is simply by adding vitamins and nutrients to the diet of your dog, either through specially formulated dog food, or human food that has been researched well. Human food that has been approved by veterinarians as safe for offering pets is relatively small, yet wide as well.

  • Are treats for dogs unhealthy?

  • Treats for dogs are different and still healthy. From many points of view, unhealthy treats for people are way unhealthier for pets. While dogs may often swallow anything you throw at them, they have no idea what the final outcome will be.