can dogs eat sweet potato

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  • Are sweet potatoes bad for dogs to eat?

  • Most canned sweet potatoes have added sweeteners and artificial ingredients, making them a potential hazard for your pooch. Organic, unsweetened canned sweet potatoes with only water as the added ingredient are okay for your dog. It should be noted that some nutrients are lost in the canning process. Can dogs be allergic to sweet potatoes?

  • Can dogs eat cooked potatoes?

  • This is toxic to dogs, and therefore, they should never eat raw potatoes. Cooking a potato helps reduce the amount of solanine so that it鈥檚 safe for dogs. Raw sweet potatoes can cause digestive upset in dogs. And both raw white potatoes and raw sweet potatoes can cause intestinal blockages. Can Dogs Eat Cooked White Potatoes?

  • Do sweet potatoes cause DCM in dogs?

  • Far fewer dogs diagnosed with DCM were eating foods containing potatoes or sweet potatoes. This means that sweet potatoes, as a treat, will not harm your dog or cause DCM. There are still more studies surrounding this issue, but for now, sweet potatoes are not seen as playing a role in the rise of DCM in dogs not predisposed to this disease.

  • What are the health benefits of eating sweet potatoes?

  • Eating fiber on a regular basis lowers the risk of heart disease and certain types of cancers. 鈥淏ecause sweet potatoes are a whole food, they are less likely to cause an immune response or damage to the digestive tract,鈥?says Kathleen Standafer Lopez, a registered dietitian nutritionist.