can dogs get ringworm

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Dogs often acquire ringworm 鈥?or dermatophytosis,as your veterinarian might refer to it 鈥?strong>from digging. It’s relatively easy to treat and doesn’t cause severe disease. However,ringworm in dogs can be difficult to manage,due to the fact that it’s highly contagious and can be transmitted via fomites.

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  • Can dogs get ringworm from soil?

  • Some species of ringworm live in the soil, and dogs can become sick after contacting dirt that is home these organisms.

  • Can I Touch my Dog if he has ringworm?

  • Dogs with ringworm are contagious to humans. If your dog has been diagnosed, or if you suspect they may have ringworm, do not handle them and then directly touch your skin. Wash your hands after every touch, and if you notice any red, circular itchy spots on your own skin, call your doctor.

  • What is the incidence of ringworm in dogs?

  • The incidence of these and the less common species that cause ringworm varies according to your geographic location. Dogs often catch ringworm through direct contact with animals or people who have ringworm themselves, some of whom may have little or no clinical evidence of the disease.