can dogs have blackberries

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In summary,blackberries can be given to dogs as an occasional treatbut skip the wild berries outside. Remember, however, that not all berries are created equal. When it comes to feeding them to your dog, avoid cherries, holly berries, juniper berries, and mistletoe berries.

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  • What happens if a dog eats a BlackBerry?

  • Some of the side effects of consuming huge amounts of blackberries include diarrhea, gastrointestinal upset, and vomiting. Another health concern for dogs is that blackberries contain trace amounts of xylitol, the sweetener substitute that is popularly known to be toxic to dogs.

  • How many calories in blackberries for dogs?

  • Low Calories: One cup of blackberries contains only 62 calories, which means they鈥檙e acceptable treats for overweight and diabetic dogs. There are few risks in feeding your dog fresh blackberries.

  • Can I give my Dog blueberries?

  • Can my dog eat blueberries and other berries? Yes! Even though blueberries are probably better for us than for our dogs, you can treat your dog with these tiny, delectable summer berries. They鈥檙e also low in calories and sugar, so they鈥檙e a feel-good treat. 鈥淩aspberries, blackberries and cranberries are also safe options for dogs.

  • What berries are safe for dogs to eat?

  • Here are other berries that are safe for dogs, and that you can also offer as treats: 1 Strawberries 2 Raspberries 3 Cranberries 4 Blueberries