can dogs have broccoli

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Can Dogs Eat Broccoli? By Anna Burke. Jul 15,2016 |2 Minutes. Jul 15,2016 |2 Minutes. diet. obesity. QA. Yes,dogs can eat broccoli.

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  • Can dogs eat too much Broccoli?

  • The saying too much of a good thing also applies to broccoli. Although it’s OK for dogs to eat, consuming too much broccoli may cause your pet gastrointestinal distress, according to The World Small Animal Veterinary Association.

  • Can Pugs eat Broccoli?

  • This can happen not just to humans but also to dogs with shorter snouts like pugs or Shih Tzus. So, occasional servings of broccoli can help your pup鈥檚 circulatory health, especially the older ones. Broccoli, due to its high content of sulforaphane, is excellent to prevent inflammation and tissue damage in dogs.

  • Can I give my Dog smoothies?

  • Smoothies are the perfect summer treat! Blend fresh fruits, veggies, like broccoli, blueberries, watermelon, and some yogurt or juice for a refreshing drink that will give your dog plenty of nutrients. Try freezing it in ice-cube trays as well to have an occasional cool snack on hot days when you’re out enjoying the sunny weather.

  • What are the health benefits of broccoli?

  • And it’s loaded with vitamins 鈥?including A, B, C, D, E and K 鈥?that may help promote overall well-being. Broccoli also contains lutein, a nutrient that supports eye and heart health, and other antioxidants that curb inflammation.