can dogs have catnip

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Yes,dogs can eat catnip,but it shouldn鈥檛 be a regular occurrence due to the effects it has on dogs. It should not be considered a food,but more as a supplement or something you give when warranted. Catnip affects dogs differently than cats,but it offers many benefits when given in the correct amounts.

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  • Is catnip safe for dogs?

  • The good news is that catnip, which is a herb scientifically known as Nepeta cataria, is safe for dogs. Dogs can safely smell catnip, and it isn鈥檛 harmful if they get it on their fur or skin. They can also safely eat catnip, so if your dog just chewed up your cat鈥檚 catnip toy, don鈥檛 panic!

  • What happens if a cat eats catnip?

  • While catnip is considered safe, it may cause vomiting and diarrhea for some felines 鈥?especially if a cat consumes too much. Approximately 75 percent of cats react to some degree or another to catnip. Some experts believe the responses are sexual, which can include rubbing, vocalizing, and salivating.

  • Can my dog play with catnip toys?

  • Dogs should not be allowed to play with catnip toys 鈥?not because of the catnip but because of the small parts and components that they are typically made with and the toys small size that dogs can accidentally ingest.

  • What is catnip good for?

  • The oil from catnip helps promote healthy urination, which expels excess water and unhealthy toxins (uric acid, waste from colds, etc.) from their bodies Intestinal Health 鈥?Catnip can also help relieve a number of gastrointestinal health issues including gas and flatulence. Catnip also helps to reduce cramps, diarrhea, and dyspepsia.