can dogs have garlic

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Garlic may benefit humans but isgenerally considered toxicfor dogs by most veterinarians and poison centers. This is because garlic and other members of the Allium plant family – such as onions, scallions, and shallots – contain thiosulfate, a compound toxic to dogs.

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  • Is garlic poisonous to dogs?

  • All parts of a garlic plant should be considered toxic to your dog. A dog that has eaten the leaves or stems of a garlic plant should be treated the same as one that eats the bulb or cloves. How Much Garlic is Toxic for Dogs?

  • How many cloves of garlic can a dog eat?

  • As an example, if the dog weighed 40 pounds, it would be given about 20 cloves of garlic. That鈥檚 a staggering amount of garlic that no dog or human would ever actually consume in that time frame!

  • Can dogs eat garlic before surgery?

  • This plant affects blood clotting, so dogs should never eat garlic two weeks before any scheduled surgery. If your pet happens to get into garlicky food before a procedure, make sure to tell your veterinarian. Also, never feed garlic to puppies because they don’t start reproducing new red blood cells until about six to eight weeks of age.

  • Why do dogs and garlic work together?

  • But there are lots of other wonderful health reasons why dogs and garlic work together. Here are just a few of the doggie garlic benefits: Tick/Flea Repellent: It won鈥檛 kill the fleas and ticks, but those little buggers don鈥檛 like the taste of it. One sniff and they鈥檒l be making their way off your dog.