can dogs have peanut butter

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Simply measure how much food your dog gets daily, and remember that it might be a good idea to alternate between peanut butter and healthier treats, such as dog friendly fruits or vegetables. Most peanut butter is safe, but some can be deadly.

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  • Is peanut butter good for dogs?

  • It can be a good source of protein and healthy fat for your dog 鈥?in moderation, of course. However, some peanut butters are healthier than others. A lot of peanut butter you find on the shelves has good qualities when it comes to your dog, but probably contains preservatives and extra sugar that aren鈥檛 great.

  • Can dogs eat peanut butter stuffing?

  • Yet pet store shelves are stacked with peanut butter flavored products. Peanut butter cookies, peanut butter stuffing 鈥?and even those of us who choose to bypass commercial foods, have been fooled into thinking that the occasional Kong stuffed with organic, sugar-free peanut butter is an awesome treat for dogs.

  • Is peanut butter bad for dogs with trans fats?

  • You鈥檒l know if your dog鈥檚 peanut butter contains trans fats if it has hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils in the ingredients. If it does, then don鈥檛 buy it! And as if trans fats weren鈥檛 bad enough, roasting nuts can also cause the fats in peanuts to go rancid.

  • Can I put peanut butter in my dogs Kong?

  • If you have a smart, high-energy dog that is highly food-motivated, consider using peanut butter with a fun puzzle feeder toy. You can fill a large Kong with kibble, seal the hole with peanut butter, and put it in the freezer for two to three hours.