do dogs go to heaven

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Do dogs go to heaven? If you鈥檙e asking whether there is some sort of 鈥渄og heaven鈥?in which there are cute puppies running around a special section of paradise,then,although I hate to be the one to disappoint you,the answer is no. However,if you mean 鈥渉eaven鈥?in the broader celestial sense,then yes.

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  • Do dogs and cats go to Heaven?

  • Not meaning to be irreverent or facetious here: Of course dogs and cats and other animals go to heaven. Heaven is where they are. If they are not there, it is not a happy place.

  • Can dogs envision Heaven?

  • Dogs do not have any religious beliefs so they cannot envisage heaven. Reply How do we know what a dog believes when we can not communicate in their language. Many people have no religious belief can you honestly say they also can not envision heaven? Reply how do you know? Maybe all animals are following the words of G-d Reply

  • Do animal spirits go to Heaven?

  • If there is a heaven or some kind of spirit life after this one, it exists for all good spirits, including good animal spirits. Reply Dogs in cruelty at the hands of mankind do envisage heaven, while a lot of humans with or without religious beliefs do not.

  • Will we see our pets again in Heaven?

  • The Bible does not clearly state whether we will see our pets again in heaven, but Scripture suggests the presence of animals in heaven.