do dogs have whiskers

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All dogs,big or small,do have whiskersand they鈥檙e a vital part of their well being and even personality. Most dogs have them on different parts of their face and they help with orientation,exploration,movement,and detection. Dogs are not unique in this as almost all mammals have longer or shorter whiskers.

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  • What are whiskers on a dog?

  • Whiskers鈥攆or which the technical term is 鈥渧ibrissae鈥濃€攁re a specialized type of hair found in many mammals, including cats and dogs. These long, coarse hairs 鈥減lay a special role in tactile sensation, helping animals define where they are in space,鈥?says Dr. Jessica Vogelsang, DVM, and author of All Dogs Go to Kevin.

  • Why do dogs have whiskers around their eyes?

  • Whether the whiskers are around your dog鈥檚 eyes, nose or chin鈥攐r all of the above鈥攖hey鈥檙e still the same structure, just in distinct locations on your dog鈥檚 face. As Dr. Vogelsang says, whiskers that protrude from the muzzle, jaw, and above the eyes, with follicles at the base of the hairs, are full of nerves.

  • Do dogs lose their whiskers when they shed?

  • Yes, whiskers are shed like other hair on a dog鈥檚 body. It can take several weeks for a new whisker to grow to its mature length. Broken, brittle whiskers can be an indicator of age, poor nutrition, or other underlying health concerns (mange, stress, hormonal imbalance, skin infections such as ringworm, etc.).

  • Should I cut my dog鈥檚 whiskers?

  • For those dogs that have whiskers protruding out of all areas of their faces, you may be tempted to give them a snip (or have the groomer cut them). However, it鈥檚 best to forgo the aesthetic of trimming vibrissae in favor of their functionality.