do female dogs have periods

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Yes, a female dog has a menstrual cycle鈥攗nless she鈥檚 spayed. Though a female pooch doesn鈥檛 experience her periods in the same way a human female does, all kinds of mammals have similar basic reproductive organs. Canines experience their own version of periods.

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  • Do dogs get periods?

  • And if you have a female dog, that includes getting ready for your dog鈥檚 鈥減eriods鈥?鈥?or more accurately, her estrus cycles. Dogs don鈥檛 menstruate in the same way human females do.

  • How do I know if my female dog is on her period?

  • The first sign of a 鈥榩eriod鈥?is swollen vulva, and then come vaginal discharges. When the estrus cycle goes toward the end, vulva gets its normal size and discharges stop. Recommendation: it is not a bad idea to keep your 鈥榠n season鈥?female dog on the leash during the walks.

  • What are the stages of a female dog’s menstrual cycle?

  • There are four stages: The first stage in the cycle is the proestrus cycle, which lasts anywhere from three to 17 days 鈥?while nine days is the average. You may notice that your dog鈥檚 vulva is swollen and that there is light, bloody vaginal discharge that gets heavier as the days go on.

  • Do dogs need to experience their estrus cycle?

  • Are you ever planning on breeding your pet? If not, there’s no reason why your dog needs to experience her estrus cycle. Pets that don’t need to become pregnant should get surgically sterilized. The sterilization is called ovariohysterectomy, though it is most commonly referred to as spaying for female animals.