does target allow dogs

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Not allowed

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  • Are Dogs Allowed in Target stores?

  • There are numerous types of service dogs. Here are the current dogs that are allowed in Target stores: Regular service dogs are those which are trained to help those who have a disability. Most commonly, a regular service dog is trained for blind people.

  • Is Target dog-friendly?

  • However, it can be hard to tell what a store鈥檚 dog policy is (and it often varies by location). For example, is Target dog-friendly? Their mascot may be the beautiful bull terrier Bullseye, but they鈥檙e a staunch 鈥渟ervice dog-only鈥?environment (along with Sears, Staples, and others).

  • Does target hire service dogs?

  • Some dog owners may be able to give you certificates of registration so you can prove to any store owner that your dog is a service. Target makes sure that they maintain their policy globally. This means that every target store has to cooperate with their corporate policies when it comes to service employees.

  • Can I bring a service animal to target?

  • Hence, the best advice we can give to the Target consumers is to avoid bringing non-service animals to the store, and individuals who would like to bring the service animal into a Target location should carry verification or certification for clarification if they do have a service animal. What is a service animal?