how much does it cost to cremate a dog

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  • Is dog cremation cheaper than burial?

  • Moreover, pet cremation costs a lot cheaper than planning a burial. Furthermore, dog cremation costs near you will depend on a lot of things. You can choose three different options when choosing dog cremation. Your three options are Private, Individual, and Communal.

  • How much does it cost to have a Chihuahua cremated?

  • For a private cremation, a dog under 30 pounds (like a chihuahua, Frenchie, or pomeranian) starts at $175. A mid-size dog (like a collie or a poodle) will cost around $215 for the same method.

  • What factors determine dog cremation costs?

  • These are professional services that will help with your dog’s cremation. It’s your job as the paw-parent to research the best crematorium for your pup. Moreover, another factor to consider on dog cremation costs is your pup’s size or weight. This will be a big component of the cremation price.

  • What are the different types of cremation services for dogs?

  • There are also three basic types of cremation service that are available for your dog and they are communal, partitioned, or private cremation. A communal cremation is a non-private and less expensive time of cremation where in your dog will be cremated with other dogs and the ashes will not be returned to you.