how much food to feed my dog

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According to PetMD,here鈥檚 how much you should feed your dog:Medium dogs,15 kilograms: 1 cups of dry food per day,or around 780 calories.Medium dogs,25 kilograms: 2 cups of dry food per day,or around 1100 calories.Large dogs,30 kilograms: 3 cups of dry food,or around 1300 calories.Giant breeds,40 kilograms or more: 4 to 4 cups of dry food per day,or around 1800 calories.

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  • How much should my Dog Eat?

  • This post explains the nutritional question in detail. Dogs should eat according to their size. Small dogs (up to 10 pounds) should eat cup to cup of dry food per day. Medium breed dogs (up to 25 pounds) should eat between 1 cup and 2 cups of dry food per day.

  • How do I know what size of food to feed my dog?

  • Determining the correct size for meals depends on the type of food dogs are fed, how many times a day they eat, their size, their metabolic rate, the amount of exercise they get, and more. To start the process, take a look at the feeding guide on your dog food鈥檚 label.

  • Are You feeding your dog too much food?

  • One of the best ways to keep dogs healthy is to feed them the right amount of a high-quality dog food. Feeding your dog too much or not enough can have certain health consequences. Here鈥檚 why it matters and what you can do to determine how much to feed your dog. If you feed your dog too little, they can suffer from nutritional deficiencies.

  • Do you need a feeding chart for your dog?

  • Dog feeding charts are required on dog food packaging. The layout of the chart, however, can vary from brand to brand. If you鈥檙e switching brands, pay close attention to ensure you鈥檙e feeding your dog the correct amount based on his age and weight. According to Dr. Harris, 鈥淒og feeding charts usually make recommendations for daily intake.