how often do female dogs go into heat

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Every six months

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  • How many times a year do dogs go into heat?

  • While the frequency varies with the breed and individual dogs, dogs usually go into heat about twice a year or every six months. Each oestrus period lasts about 18 days. Male dogs will be attracted to a female dog for the full 18 days, but the female dog will be receptive to males only about half that time.

  • How often should a 6 month old puppy go into heat?

  • She is still a puppy at 6 months old and should be able to grow up more before you breed her the first time. Some breeds go into heat more often. For example, small breed dogs can have three cycles a year.

  • Do male dogs go into heat when mating?

  • No. Male dogs do not go into heat. The term 鈥榠n heat鈥?refers specifically to the time when a female dog is receptive to mating with males. While male dogs do not go into heat, they become fertile around 6 months. Larger breeds may reach sexual maturity a little later than small breeds.

  • How long does it take for a female dog to mate?

  • Your dog will be in heat for 2-4 weeks. When the heat cycle begins, your dog may not be interested in male dogs. Conversely, however, some female dogs are receptive to breeding right away as they enter their heat. Watch for the signs I explain below to identify when your dog is in heat and when the heat is over.