how often do you walk your dog

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Ideally, you should take your dog on a walk3 to 4 times a day, lasting 15 minutes each session. You can schedule walks before breakfast, at midday, and before dinner. However, you can modify this depending on your pet鈥檚 breed, size, eating habits, physical condition, and even your time.

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  • How much walking does my dog need?

  • If your dog is having behavioral problems or seems overly energetic, it is likely she needs more walks, longer walks, or a higher intensity activity than walking. Let鈥檚 say that you have determined that your relatively high energy dog needs about an hour and a half of walking a day.

  • Is it good to walk your dog every day?

  • Experts agree that a daily walk is good for your dog, and for you for that matter, but it is not always practical to walk your dog. If it is raining or too hot or cold for a walk, you can choose an indoor activity from my ideas for exercises to do with your dog. Older dogs may also be less enthusiastic about a daily walk.

  • Is a long walk enough to exercise my dog?

  • Whether a walk, even a long walk, will be sufficient to exercise your dog depends on your dog and your walk. A large dog that is walked on a short lead will get much less exercise than a small dog bouncing around on a Flexi-lead.

  • Do puppies need walking more than older dogs?

  • A puppy will need to be walked a lot more than an older dog due to its energy levels. An older dog won’t have as much energy and they may also have some sort of health condition, like arthritis, as they are much more prone. As your dog gets older you will notice they will become tired much quicker when out walking or exercising.