how often should i bathe my dog

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Four to six weeks

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  • How often should you bathe a dog with long hair?

  • Bathing dogs follow a general rule: the longer their coat, the more often they should be bathed. While a dog with a medium-to-long coat may require bathing every four to six weeks, several short-haired breeds can go for weeks without needing a bath.

  • Should I give my Dog a bath?

  • If your dog had the wherewithal to make out a list of his least favorite things to do, getting a bath would probably be close to the top. Since dog baths tend to be messy, time-consuming and not a whole lot of fun for everyone involved, it鈥檚 natural to wonder, 鈥淗ow often should I bathe my dog?鈥?/div>How Often Should You Bathe Your Dog? | PetMD

  • How often should you wash your dog?

  • How often you should wash your dog depends on a number of factors, including his health, breed, coat, and activity level, as well as where these activities are taking place. Dogs who spend the day outside rolling around in things they shouldn鈥檛 are going to need a bath far more often than ones who spend most of their time on the couch.

  • How often should you bathe a Puli?

  • He adds, 鈥淔or dogs with medium-to-large coats, a bath could be needed from weekly to every 4-to-6 weeks, as long as the coat is properly maintained in-between baths.鈥?But a breed such as the Puli, which is technically long-haired, is not bathed as often when corded.