how to brush dog’s teeth

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Put one hand over the top of the muzzle,lifting the upper lips,and open the dog’s mouth. …Once the mouth is open,brush a small area of the inside teeth surfaces. As always,go slowly,brushing small areas to start. …Your dog’s tongue naturally helps to control tartar build up along the inside surfaces. Brushing there will make a big difference though.

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  • How to get your dog鈥檚 teeth ready for brushing?

  • Get ready for your dog鈥檚 teeth to dazzle by brushing them every day, and following these 12 simple steps: Choose a calm time for teeth brushing. It should be you and the dog without a living room full of active children or other pets.

  • Can I use a human toothbrush on my Dog?

  • There are also finger brushes that fit onto the end of your finger and can provide better precision. But, these brushes also increase the likelihood of your dog accidentally biting your finger. Do not use an adult human toothbrush to brush your dog’s teeth. You can use a soft child鈥檚 toothbrush if necessary.

  • How do I Clean my Dog鈥檚 teeth?

  • Brush a few teeth at a time, working up to more each day. Aim for two minutes total. If your dog resists at first, try starting on the outsides of the canine and back teeth, where plaque tends to collect. If you can get the insides, great. But if you can鈥檛 get to them as well, don鈥檛 stress too much. Her coarse tongue helps keep that area cleaner.

  • How to use toothpaste on a dog?

  • This will help you determine how well it likes the toothpaste. It will also help the dog to get used to the taste, making it more likely accept the toothpaste when it is on the toothbrush. After the dog licks the toothpaste, rub your finger along the teeth and gums while lifting the lips.