how to clean a dog’s ears

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Step by step guide to cleaning a dog鈥檚 ears:Ensure your dog is comfortable,then lift their ear,holding it between your thumb and forefinger to get a good look inside the ear.Examine the ear and check for redness,discharge or a bad smell. It is normal for there to be a small amount of light coloured wax. …Gently wipe around the entrance of the ear with damp cotton wool 鈥?this will remove dirt or excess wax.Insert the tip of your chosen dog-friendly ear cleaner into the ear canal 鈥?being sure not to insert it too far 鈥?then squeeze the bottle to release the …Massage the base of the ear to help the cleaner pass into the ear canal.

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  • How do you clean a dog鈥檚 ears with alcohol?

  • If the tip of the bottle touches your dog鈥檚 ear, wipe the tip off with a clean cotton ball soaked in alcohol to prevent the spread of bacteria or yeast. Continue to hold the ear flap up vertically with one hand and gently massage the base of the ear below the ear opening for about 30 seconds with the other hand.

  • Can I put cotton balls in my dogs ear to clean it?

  • A good quality ear cleaning solution, some cotton balls or gauze, and some treats to reward your dog are all that is needed. DO NOT use cotton tip applicators (Q-tips) due to the risk of perforating the ear drum or causing trauma to the ear canal. In addition, the use of cotton tip applicators can push debris further into the ear canal.

  • How do you clean a dog’s ear flap?

  • Gently swab the inside of your dog’s ear flap. Remove all dirt and debris you can see. If your dog has very dirty ears, the process may take quite a few cotton balls. As long as you’re gentle and stay towards the front of the hearing canal, your dog should tolerate this procedure very well.

  • What to do if your dog has fluid in his ears?

  • This will help to clean any excess cleaning fluid out of the ear canal. After your dog has shaken out any excess liquid, give the ears another wipe with gauze or cotton balls. This will remove any material brought out from the ear canal during the head shaking. Clean your dog’s ears regularly.