how to file a complaint for noise from dogs

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Contact your local law enforcement agency or animal control officeto file a noise complaint about your neighbor’s dog. Fill out a complaint form,usually found online,with the name and address of the neighbor,his breed of dog,and times and durations of the barking. You will also need to fill in your contact information.

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  • How do I file a noise complaint about a barking dog?

  • For DEP to respond to your noise complaint, you must provide the address where the animal is barking and your mailing address. Your information will not be shared with the animal’s owner.

  • How to report a dog noise complaint in Los Angeles?

  • Noisy dogs in Los Angeles: 鈥?A dog noise complaint in Los Angeles should be directed to the city鈥檚 Animal Care and Control Department. The LAPD advises that this should be done in writing, providing the name, address and telephone number of the complainant, as well as contact information for the owner of the dog and a description of the nuisance.

  • What happens if you complain about a dog noise nuisance?

  • If a dog noise nuisance complaint is made to a Council, they must investigate. The Council will usually serve an informal warning letter but if this fails to resolve the issue they may then serve a Noise Abatement Notice (or a Community Protection Notice). There are 21 days to appeal against this Notice.

  • How do I file a complaint against a neighbours dog?

  • Before filing a complaint, try to speak with the owner of the dog and see if you can amicably resolve the situation. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to the owner in person, write a polite letter explaining your concerns about the noise. When speaking or writing to your neighbor about his dog, do so when you are not upset.