how to introduce a cat to a dog

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To introduce a cat to a dog,start bytouching one animal in a separate room,and then letting the other animal smell your hand. Then,let them smell each other under a door or through a gate or fence to see how the animals react to being close to each other.

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  • How to introduce a cat and a dog to each other?

  • Here are some basic steps for introducing a cat and a dog: Before starting the introduction, let your new family member settle in by confining him or her to an enclosed area of the house for a few days. Start exposure through a single, closed, solid door.

  • How do you get a cat to accept a new dog?

  • Wait a while and let your cat approach the dog on its own. Don鈥檛 force the cat to interact with the dog, no matter how long it takes. Keep making slow progress until the cat feels comfortable enough to approach the dog on its own, even if this process takes weeks.

  • How do you introduce a new pet to an animal?

  • Let the animals get used to each other鈥檚 scent before actually introducing them. Pet one of the animals individually, then, without changing clothes, go to the other animal and let it sniff the scent. Do this for each animal so that they can grow accustomed to the scent of the other animal before a real face-to-face encounter.

  • How can I teach my dog to get along with cats?

  • If the dog is calm around the cat, you can ask the dog to sit, or lie down and stay, if she has been taught those cues, while the cat moves about freely, sniffing the dog if he wishes. The dog should be praised and rewarded if she ignores the cat.