how to mark in watch dogs legion

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  • How to get a spy in Watch Dogs Legion?

  • The most-reliable way to get a Spy in Watch Dogs Legion starts with turning the City of Westminster defiant, which will occur after a player has completed the tasks located at the red marks in the borough.

  • Can you recruit NPCs in Watch Dogs Legion?

  • Watch Dogs Legion is the latest entry in Ubisoft鈥檚 open-world sci-fi series, and it also marks a pretty radical departure from its predecessors. Now, players will be able to recruit virtually any NPC they encounter in the open-world to DedSec鈥檚 cause and play as them for the entirety of the game.

  • Can you pass time in Watch Dogs Legion?

  • You can pass time in Watch Dogs: Legion but the game does not make it explicitly clear on how to do it, there are tons of advantages to pass the time in the game and if you wish to know how to do it exactly, all you have to do is read the rest of this guide. Watch Dogs: Legion has an in-game clock that closely resembles real-world scenarios.

  • How to get deep profiler in Watch Dogs Legion?

  • This should be in the bottom left of the screen in the game. Select Deep Profile and look for their schedule. It is necessary that you get the Deep Profiler skill in Watch Dogs: Legion because without it you won鈥檛 be able to pass time in the game.