is rosemary safe for dogs

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Rosemary issafe and healthyfor dogs to eat. The herb is proven to have antioxidant,anti-inflammatory,and antimicrobial benefits that can prevent common deadly dog diseases from cancer to heart disease,digestive system problems,and poor cognitive function.

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  • Is Rosemary in pet food bad for dogs?

  • The answer may lie in the formulation of these rosemary-containing pet food products. Many pet food manufacturers use rosemary essential oil in their formulations as natural preservatives. Unfortunately, essential oils are highly-concentrated extracts of the herb. This means your dog may be getting more than what it needs.

  • How much Rosemary should I give my Dog?

  • Now that you know that rosemary is generally safe when used appropriately, how do you administer it? Herbs for Pets recommends 1/8 teaspoon of tincture fed orally as a starting dose per 20 pounds of your dog鈥檚 weight, up to three times daily. Never use undiluted rosemary oil internally or externally.

  • Is Rosemary good for dogs with epilepsy?

  • Rosemary can be a powerful central nervous system stimulant. If the dog has epilepsy, then giving rosemary-containing dog food may exacerbate such conditions and lead to seizures. The key here is the amount of rosemary active ingredients that the dog receives.

  • How do you use rosemary to clean a dog’s skin?

  • Mix rosemary into boiled water and steep for 10 minutes with container covered. Strain contents and allow to cool to body temperature. Pour it over your dog after his final rinse during his bath. Rub in the conditioner and towel dry without rinsing.