is watermelon bad for dogs

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Watermelon is actuallygoodfor dogs and it can be the best treat during the summer. Just keep in mind that watermelon seeds and rings must be removed. Also,this treat and all others should make only 10% of the total diet.

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  • Can dogs eat watermelon?

  • Plus, the fruit has only about 50 calories a cup and 92 percent water, so it鈥檚 great for hydration on a hot day. It also has no fat or cholesterol, so it鈥檚 pretty much guilt-free. Just like any treat, given to your dog in addition to their regular, balanced diet, Watermelon should be fed in moderation.

  • What happens if you eat a whole watermelon?

  • The watermelon seeds, although not toxic, can cause a gastrointestinal blockage if consumed in large enough quantities, and this could result in stomach pain and discomfort. In severe cases, surgery may even be needed to remove the seeds responsible for the blockage.

  • Can you eat a hollow heart watermelon?

  • Hollow Heart melons are safe to eat, and they are actually sweeter in spots, because sugars tend to concentrate along the cracks. From planting to harvest, it takes a watermelon three months to grow.

  • What fruits and vegetables can dogs eat?

  • Other fruits and veggies, such as carrots and apples, can be a healthy treat for dogs. Learn more about other fruits and vegetables that dogs can and cannot eat here. Related article: Quiz: Can Dogs Eat These Summer Foods?