what causes seizures in dogs

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The main underlying causes of seizures in dogs can include:EpilepsyHeat ExhaustionNutritional imbalances such as thiamine deficiencyLow blood sugar levelsLiver disease.Tumours

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  • What causes seizures in dogs under 5 years old?

  • A condition that is characterized by seizures, epilepsy is the most common cause of seizures in dogs under the age of five. Epilepsy is a disorder of the brain that can cause dogs to have sudden and uncontrollable physical attacks, or seizures.

  • Can toxins cause seizures in dogs?

  • Toxins might be the cause of canine seizures. Finding the cause of sudden seizures in previously healthy dogs may require a neurology or internal medicine work-up, but the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center notes that often the problem can be traced to a toxin exposure.

  • What causes seizures in dogs with distemper?

  • This is commonly caused by canine distemper (listed above) and can lead to fever, depression, sudden aggression, seizures, and coma. Meningitis is an infection of the surface of the brain and the spinal canal, affecting the surrounding meninges of the brain and not the brain itself.

  • What is symptomatic epilepsy in dogs?

  • Probably symptomatic epilepsy is used to describe suspected symptomatic epilepsy, where a dog has recurrent seizures, but where no lesions or brain damage is apparent. Cluster seizure describes any situation where an animal has more than one seizure in consecutive 24-hour periods.