what do dog water mean

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Subpar water

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  • What is dogdog water?

  • dog water is a gaming way of saying ‘trash’ i guess. my brother keeps saying it to my face. he thinks we’re in a video game. he plays too much Fortnite.

  • What is the ‘dog water’ meme?

  • Fortnite’s Dog Water meme has taken the game by storm. Dog Water’s modern-day definition of being trash at video games has a far more adult origin. Frequently tossed around, there are not many who know how the meme began. Peace Control Kyle, also known as Kyle on 60hrz, is a stereotypical Fortnite player usually portrayed by YouTube’s m1lk.

  • What is dog water in Fortnite?

  • Dog water is (apparently) subpar water, so calling a player dog water implies they are subpar. Dog water can also be used outside Fortnite, to call non-Fortnite people and things worthless.

  • What is a dog water mug?

  • Get a dog water mug for your mama Helena. dog water is basically trash in gamers’ language. the word dog water can be commonly found in online pvp games such as roblox pvp games or minecraft pvp servers .