what is a bait dog

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Basically,a bait dog is apunching bag for game dogs (fighting). Except that all of us know that dogs don鈥檛 punch,bite and tear. Dog fighters use bait dogs to allow their game dogs,without being harmed in the process,to practise mutilating another dog.

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  • What is a bait dog in dog fighting?

  • Dog fighters use bait dogs to let their game dogs practice mutilating another dog, without being harmed in the process. To insure their dogs aren’t damaged, they will either use duct tape to tape the bait dog’s mouth shut, or break out their teeth so the bait dog can’t fight back.

  • Is the term’bait dogs’overused?

  • While we hate that there are people who would abuse animals, the term ‘bait dogs’ is very overused by the well intentioned but misinformed. Unless there are witnesses to the cause of injury, mysterious bite marks on a dog remain an unhappy mystery with an unknown perpetrator. To shout bait dog! whenever a dog with bites appears keeps a popular

  • Do bait dogs get along with game dogs?

  • The owners of fighting dogs often unleash several fighting dogs on one bait dog because they believe these dogs will become more ferocious if there is competition involved. Bait dogs are often tied to a tree or thrown in a fighting pit, so there is no chance they could get away from game dogs.

  • Why are Pitbulls called bait dogs?

  • Source: Pit Bulls Against Misinformation. The ‘bait dog’ started as a myth created by Animal Rights groups which led to people believing that this was a method used. Their attempt was to lie in order to gather support and donations from the general public, playing on their fear and lack of knowledge on dog fighting.