what kind of dog is lassie

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  • What kind of dog is Lassie in Lassie Come Home?

  • Lassie is a Female Character Mostly Played by Male Dogs Originally cast in the role of Lassie in Lassie Come Home was a female collie, but the producers replaced her with a male when she began to shed excessively as the film was in production during the summer. Others commented that the male collie Pal just looked more impressive in the part.

  • Is the Rough Collie the 鈥渓assie dog?

  • How shocking do you think it must have been back in the day to see a Rough Collie 鈥?popularly known as the 鈥淟assie Dog鈥?鈥?capture the imagination of millions of people across the country?

  • What kind of coat does a Lassie have?

  • How the Lassie Breed Shaped the Collie Lassie was what is known as a regular Collie of the rough variety. This means that she was a Collie who had a full coat with long, luscious hair. But there are other kinds of Collies out there. If you hear of Smooth Collies, it means that they鈥檙e also of this breed but have a short coat.

  • How much does a Lassie weigh?

  • Lassie is one of the very few animal actors to have a star on Los Angeles鈥檚 Walk of Fame. They may look dainty, but this breed can weigh鈥?on average鈥?up to 70 pounds. The UK breed is actually smaller than it was in the 1960s due to breeding to meet dog show standards.