what kind of dog is snoopy

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  • What kind of dog is Snoopy from peanuts?

  • Snoopy, the most iconic character from the Peanuts cartoons and beloved pet of Charlie Brown, is a beagle. He was inspired by the creator鈥檚 childhood dog, Spike, who was the subject of many of Charles Shulz鈥檚 earliest comics.

  • Is Snoopy a beagle?

  • Beagles have long and droopy ears, with big round eyes and a fleshy square nose. They have a short coat that sports the traditional hunting dog colors 鈥?usually black, tan, and white. Snoopy could be a Beagle, but there are some major differences.

  • How did Snoopy get the name Snoopy?

  • Schulz originally wanted to call his dog character Sniffy, but this name was already taken. He remembers that his mum used to say if they ever got another dog that they would call it Snoopy, and the rest is history. Snoopy had seven brothers and sisters.

  • Who owns Snoopy’s dog?

  • However, at that time it was not clear whos dog Snoopy was. In fact, the first strip to imply who the owner was sounded like Shermy owned Snoopy. In 1955, it was revealed that Charlie Brown took care of Snoopy.