what kind of dog is the target dog

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  • What is the target dog鈥檚 name?

  • For those of you that don鈥檛 know, the Target Dog is used in promotional ads and events for Target. The dog鈥檚 name is Bullseye and is the mascot for the company. Bullseye was formerly known as Spot, but the name changed shortly after. There have been a few different dogs that have stepped up to the role of Bullseye over the years.

  • What kind of dog is bullseye on target?

  • Bullseye, the Target dog, is played by a 9-year old Bull Terrier female. She has a white coat and the Target Corporation logo painted around her left eye. This paint is natural and non-toxic. Before Bullseye, the original Target dog was an AKC Champion named Kingsmere Moondoggie, who was affectionately known as 鈥?Smudgie 鈥?

  • What kind of dog is target’s mascot?

  • The Target Corporation mascot dog is a purebred white bull terrier. Her first name was Spot until the company changed it to Bullseye.

  • Is target pet-friendly?

  • There are a lot of retail stores these days that say that they鈥檙e pet-friendly, but it really depends on the pet owners and the managers to make sure that their store will allow them to bring their pet in. Target is one of the stores however that aren鈥檛 considered pet-friendly. Why is this?