what kind of dog was benji

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Rescue dog

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  • Where did Benji dog breed originate from?

  • Benji dog breed also originated from poodle. Poodle on the other side is trained to hunt waterfowl, originated in Germany. It is a fairly old breed compared to other kind.

  • Is there a dog that looks like Benji from 2018 movie?

  • So if you鈥檙e wanting to adopt a dog who looks just like the Benji on the 2018 movie, well, you won鈥檛 find him in any particular breed. You鈥檒l just want to visit some animal shelters and dog rescues, looking for a pup with a similar look or personality. But in all honesty, it鈥檚 not really about finding a dog who looks like Benji.

  • Where did Benji get its appearance from?

  • From information above, we can conclude that Benji got its appearance from said breed. It got the small size from its forefather miniature schnauzer, the long fur from cocker spaniels, and the behavior from poodles.

  • How old is Fairfield the dog from Benji?

  • As the dog who played Benji, Fairfield, was found and rescued from the streets, nobody knew the exact age of this dog. However, Brandon Camp鈥攄irector of Benji (2018)鈥攁nd animal trainer Mark Forbes believed that Fairfield was 3 months old when they decided to choose him as the next legendary rescue dog, Benji.