why are grapes bad for dogs

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Grapes kill dogs. You know that. And that鈥檚 because grapes can cause kidney failure. But outside of that, grapes are a bit of a mystery. They鈥檙e toxic but researchers have yet to figure out why. They also don鈥檛 know if there鈥檚 a safe number of grapes dogs can eat 鈥?/p>

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  • Why are grapes and raisins bad for dogs?

  • As to why grapes and raisins are bad for some dogs, generically speaking it鈥檚 because grapes and raisins can cause rapid renal failure (kidney failure). The exact mechanism behind the kidney failure after consumption of grapes or raisins isn鈥檛 known.

  • Can dogs have grapeseed oil?

  • Dogs can have grapeseed oil (with caution) and grape seed extract 鈥?but they can鈥檛 eat grapes. Grapes are toxic to dogs. If you want to give your dog the nutrients and antioxidants he misses out on because he can鈥檛 eat grapes, try 鈥?/div>We Know Grapes Are Bad For Dogs 鈥?But Why? | Dogs Naturally

  • Can a dog die from eating one grape?

  • No, dogs cannot eat peeled or seedless grapes or raisins鈥攚hich are dried grapes鈥攁nd they are not safe in any amount. The exact cause of toxicity in dogs after they ingest a grape is not known, nor is the amount. Some dogs may suffer more severe reactions than others. Because we know so little about grapes…

  • What is the error code for eating grapes?

  • (Error Code: 102630) Can dogs eat grapes? The answer (and this goes for raisins, too, which are just dried grapes) is easy: No, dogs should never eat grapes. Grapes and raisins are known to be highly toxic to dogs, though research has yet to pinpoint exactly which substance in the fruit causes this reaction.