why do dogs chew on their feet

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There are a variety of reasons why your dogwould suddenly lick or chew his feet,including puncture wounds to the toes or paw pads,fractured claws or toes,burns,corns (especially common in Greyhounds ),and foreign bodies that may be lodged between the toes,such as ticks,grass awns and burrs.

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  • Why do dogs chew their paws?

  • If your dog chews its paws and feet, chances are it has developed an allergy. Now you might ask, even if it is an allergic reaction, why do dogs chew their feet? The answer to this question is that after a dog catches any allergy, its whole body gets itchy, including the feet and the paws.

  • Is it normal for a dog to chew on his feet?

  • Yes. While it鈥檚 not uncommon for dogs to occasionally lick or chew their feet, the sudden onset or chronic behavior is quite another story. Paw gnawing and licking 鈥?especially sudden 鈥?should be addressed by your veterinarian.

  • Why do dogs lick and chew on their feet?

  • And allergies in dogs can represent with itchy feet which causes the dog to lick and chew in order to alleviate the itching, burning or irritation. Many times, these dogs come into a vet clinic with saliva stained fur around their paws, belly, armpits, and rear end.

  • Why does my dog chew his nails off?

  • You would think this is a blessing in disguise but this behavior often causes brittle nails that get caught in things and can rip completely off. Sometimes, the dog has allergies that cause them to lick their feet and secondarily they end up chewing their nails.