why do dogs throw up

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The experts at Hill鈥檚 Pet Nutrition suggest the following common reasons dogs throw up:Digestive upsetDietary sensitivityAcid refluxStress or anxietyPhysical activityIntestinal parasitesViral infectionDiseaseIngestion of toxinsIngestion of foreign objects

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  • Why is my 10 week old puppy throwing up?

  • Dog vomiting can be caused by certain contagious diseases as well, which are also more common in younger dogs. One of the causes of a dog vomiting from a contagious disease is parvovirus, which can be very serious. It鈥檚 most common in puppies that are around other dogs in group settings.

  • What does it mean when a dog throws up chunky food?

  • Both chunky and granular vomit are often (though not always) related to food or something your dog has ingested. Chunky vomit is vomit where you can still identify food parts鈥攁n indication that the food brought up has not been in the stomach very long.

  • Why is my dog throwing up water and regurgitating food?

  • This may trigger more vomiting, so try to limit their water consumption to small amounts at a time. Regurgitation, on the other hand, is a mild ejection of undigested food from the dog鈥檚 esophagus, meaning that it never made it to the stomach.

  • What do dogs do when they throw up?

  • Once Fido throws up, he will give his sick a nice and quick smell-over and dig into the vomit if food is detected. As you might know, dogs are generally not picky eaters, a survival instinct they develop from their days in the wild.