why dogs are better than cats

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35 Reasons Why Dogs are Better Than CatsAlways Affectionate. Dogs are very loving; even when you are not paying attention,your dog will likely come lay or sit beside you while you are doing other things.Better Companions/Friends. Dogs make lifetime companions. …You Can Play with your Dog Outside. …Dogs Accept Change Easily. …Protect Owners. …Better for People Who Need Exercise. …Enjoy Car Rides. …More items…

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  • Is it better to have a dog or a cat?

  • But owning a dog significantly improves your survival: Dog owners are four times more likely to be alive one year after their heart attack compared to cat owners and non-pet owners. Walking a dog leads to more social interactions, especially with strangers.

  • Do cats or dogs like to play more?

  • There’s only so much play you can do with your cat. Many cats love to play with string toys and they’ll bat their little cat ball toys around, but it’s almost like they’re humoring you. They can play on their own, not just with people. Dogs absolutely love to play, and it’s often interactive play that they want, especially with you.

  • Are cats as loyal as dogs?

  • Dogs are faithful Yes, cats are also faithful but not as loyal as dogs. Dogs鈥?loyalty to their owners is why they are considered man鈥檚 best friend all over the world.

  • Do cats train better than dogs?

  • In general, cats train us humans better than we could ever train them. On the other hand, most dogs actually enjoy training. It seems to give them a sense of purpose. It’s a job, and most dogs love to work.