why is my dog coughing

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One of the most common reasons for a dog cough is a disease of the heart valves or heart muscle; this prevents a dog’s heart from pumping blood efficiently. Coughing results when parts of the heart enlarge and compress the major airways in the lungs, or when fluid backs up into the lungs.

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  • What does it mean when a dog coughs a lot?

  • Coughing Related to Infections. Viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites can all infect a dog鈥檚 upper respiratory tract, lung tissue (pneumonia), airways (bronchitis), or a combination thereof ( bronchopneumonia ), and cause dogs to cough. Kennel cough is the most common infectious cause of coughing.

  • What causes a dog to have a cough with a fever?

  • It can be caused by several different viruses and bacteria, alone or in combination. Canine influenza virus is becoming increasingly prevalent in the United States and leads to symptoms like coughing, fever, and nasal discharge. Supportive care is an important part of treating coughs caused by infections.

  • What are the symptoms of kennel cough in dogs?

  • Kennel cough will often present as a persistent, nagging cough in an otherwise healthy dog. A dry, hacking or 鈥渉onking鈥?cough is usually the telltale sign. Your dog may also experience coughing spasms or coughing fits. Other kennel cough symptoms may include:

  • Why is my dog coughing and gagging and throwing up?

  • It is normally not a serious disease, but your veterinarian may prescribe some medication to help treat the cough and will recommend that you keep your dog away from other dogs until the infectious stage is over. A high-pitched, gagging cough can be suggestive of upper airway irritation, infection or even a partial blockage.