why is my dog sneezing so much

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Seasonal allergies

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  • What does it mean when a dog sneezes a lot?

  • Consider the situation surrounding the sneezing to determine what might be going on. Sneezing that also sounds like a snort, for example, is your pup鈥檚 way of communicating during play. Dogs often sneeze while playing to let their playmate know it鈥檚 all in good fun.

  • What should I do if my dog sneezes on Me?

  • A vet will have to diagnose but look for things like sneezing, nose bleeds, and facial itching. Ask your vet if antiparasitic meds or nasal flushing can help. Playing. The snort sneeze is a sign of your dog having a great time. Whether your dog is sneezing on you or another animal, it鈥檚 nothing to worry about.

  • What kind of dog sneezes with a short nose?

  • Think back to allergies, play, or detergents if sneezing is the only real symptom. Brachycephalic breeds are dogs with a short nose and flattened face. Some examples are pugs, boxers, and bulldogs to name a few.

  • What does a reverse sneeze sound like in a dog?

  • The reverse sneeze will sound like a loud, prolonged snort. You might think your dog has something caught in the back of his throat. A reverse sneezing episode can go on for a few seconds, or a minute. There is no damage to your dog and no cause for concern.